The Official Festival program will be uploaded and available for download in October 2019.

Below is a description of the excitement you can expect from the 16th National Kenu & Kundu Festival.

Day 1

Each year the Festival begins at the break of dawn on Day 1 with the blowing of the conch shell, kundu drum beats, and traditional singing as all the canoes are welcomed as they enter Alotau's Sanderson Bay to berth at the Festival grounds.

Followed by a traditional breakfast feast the day continues with celebratory, colourful displays of traditional dancing and the first of the canoe races.

The end of Day 1 welcomes a respite from the excitement of the opening ceremonial displays with soothing perovetta choral singing and string-band music to a beautiful setting sunset.

Day 2

The excitement is in full mode on Day 2 with continuous sing-sing groups swaying to kundu beats, enthralling dance narratives in breathtaking colour.

Take a breather by wandering through the local market stalls where arts & craft are on display, carvings, clay pots, bilums, bags, traditional delicacies and cooling young coconut to quench your thirst. Get your face painted, listen to local legend story-telling, watch and learn how to weave palm fronds into exquisite mats, fans and baskets.

On the water activities also continue with more races, and the entertaining Sponsors Crazy Raft Race that always pleases.

Again the busy day quietens at sunset with choral singing and authentic Milne Bay string music that take you into the night.

Day 3

The final day opens with morning Worship, choral perovetta and then right into the last of the festivities, with the dramatic canoe races, more traditional dancing and singing.

There will be opportunities after the races for the general public to have a ride on the canoes around the bay.

Finally the festival winds down one last time with song and dance, music and a spectacular firework show to bring to an end the 16th National Kenu & Kundu Festival.

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